Monday, February 11, 2013

The Trek 2013 Rumblefish 29er Pro Packs a Pretty Serious Punch!

The Trek 2013 Rumblefish 29er Pro - Like Riding On A Cloud

The 2013 Rumblefish 29er Pro has 120mm front and rear DRCV travel. No use beating around the bush! With DRCV you can have it all. Most full suspension air-shock bikes use small-volume canisters for pedaling efficiency, but they don't have the best big-hit control.

Trek's solution is a Dual Rate Control Valve that has two chambers which has the best blend of efficiency and simplicity. The front fork also has Trek's DRCV technology to give you exactly the suspension you need for every inch of your ride. That means great small-bump compliance, smooth mid-stroke travel, and awesome big-hit control.

Some maintain that having 29" wheels makes the handling sleepy, but Trek used G2 Geometry to solve that issue. They have included a custom-offset fork and used advanced frame geometry so you have precise handling at low speed, and excellent stability when at higher speeds. The 29" wheels also hold momentum better, so you can keep rolling over the rough stuff and maintain speed through corners.

This bike is available for you to test ride, and then most likely purchase — At The Spoke Shop. Come to our store to see it today! We are located at 1910 Broadwater Ave. in Billings, Montana. You can also reach us by e-mail at:

(406) 656-8342               

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