Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The 2013 Trek Dual Sport 8.6 Has Been Called the Ultimate Hybrid Bike and It Lives Up to it's Name! Come See One at The Spoke Shop!

Trek's 2013 Dual Sport 8.6 is an outstanding bike. It's a great bike to ride around the city or take on the daily commute, as well as allowing you to go on adventurous trails to satisfy the mountain bike rider in you. Trek's Alpha Gold aluminum is used on the 8.6 DS, which is formed into tube shapes that balance weight and strength.

The Alpha Gold frame is designed to absorb 20mm worth of roots, curbs, and railroad tracks without a shock! They call it IsoZone, and it adds comfort and durability directly into the frame. In addition, Trek utilized a handle-bar mounted control for on-the-fly suspension lockout as you switch terrain. A remote lockout means an even easier time on the trail as your hands don't have to move around as much on the handlebars.

Speaking of hands, Trek used Bontrager bars and grips that provide comfort, control, and are durable, as well as providing a nice upright ride that's easy to enjoy.

The 8.6 DS is the perfect bike for anyone who wants to ride around town as well as being able to hit some fire roads or light mountain trails on the weekends. The bike easily accommodates 700x35c tires with fenders, or you can swap those for burly Bontrager XDX 29"x1.8" MTB tires without fenders for the weekend trips to the mountains.

Trek Dual Sport bikes are the right solution for the multi-purpose rider, designed for weekday-to-weekend versatility. It's comfortable, ergonomic, and capable features are essential for the frequent rider. Having a choice for tire size is icing on the cake for those who plan to use the bike for mixed purposes. It is fast and efficient on pavement, as well as capable and confident on the dirt.

Why don't you drop by the your favorite bike shop to discover all the 2013 Trek DS 8.6 has to offer?

The Spoke Shop 
1910 Broadwater Ave. in Billings, MT 59102
 (406) 656-8342

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