Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hydration Is Extremely Important. Are You Doing It Right?

Hydration is super important when you are riding your bike. You can lose up to 2 quarts of water (by sweating) an hour! 

Sweating also means a loss of nutrients and a need for replenishing electrolytes. Energy Drinks (like gatorade) can help you regain those nutrients. These drinks also contain carbohydrates that fuel your muscles

Try a few different energy drinks to find one that you actually like. If it tastes good, you will drink it! If it tastes bad, you will drink less, if you drink it at all.

Some cyclists carry an energy drink in both bottles. It is important to dilute your second bottle, for as the intensity of your workout increases, your body will crave less flavor and sweetness. When you're riding hard, it's important to make sure that your mixture isn't too concentrated. If it is too rich, it may upset your stomach and possibly prevent water absorption.

One of the worst things a rider can experience is an achy stomach or cramps during an important ride or race. The best way to prevent that is to train
with different energy drinks before the big race! Also try using a hydration pack. They have more capacity, are easier to drink out of, and will stay on your back on bumpy terrain.

Check your urine. If it's pale yellow or clear, it's a good sign that you are properly hydrated. Dark yellow and strong-smelling urine is a reminder that you need to drink more water, though vitamin pills can have a coloring effect as well. You should be getting up during the night before the event to urinate.

On those hot summer days, put your waterbottles in the freezer the night before the race. You can also use insulated bottles or hydration system. If you choose to freeze your bottles, fill only half way so you can top it off with drink before the ride. The ice in the bottom will chill the liquid for a while. Ice in a hydration pack can also help cool your torso.

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