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Lifebeam SMART Cycling Helmet Mounted Heart Monitor                                                                         (406) 656-8342

Lifebeam announced recently that they would begin using technology typically reserved for aerospace applications into cycling headgear, namely helmets. 

This "Smart Cycling Helmet" will simplify the less than appealing process of using a heart monitor when riding. 

The lightweight 50g unit supports 15 hours of continuous use, and feeds your pulse data to a smart phone or sport watch. The helmet contains a sweat resistant optical sensor that is mountain on the inside of the helmet, gently touching the users forehead.

The data is fed into the processing unit in the back of the helmet, which can then be sent via ANT+ or bluetooth to your phone or watch. 

The unit contains 3 axis accelerometers to distinguish between heart rate data and artifacts caused by movement. Currently, this unit is being integrated into a stock Lazer Sport GENESIS helmet, which would be included in the purchase.

As of 3/10/2013, Lifebeam has hosted their product at and have accumulated $36,465 of their $50,000 goal. If you purchase one for $189, their SMART Package, you will receive your own SMART Cycling Helmet with free shipping! (Estimated delivery: Sept. 2013)

There's no telling if the price will increase after the product has been released to the market, so don't pass up your opportunity!

Here are some words from Omri Yoffe, the CEO of Lifebeam:

"Our team has been working to implement technology that before existed only in theory or laboratory settings. We have already won contracts to implement our sensor in real-world Aerospace applications and have been testing it in various challenging settings with great success"

He says they want to bring the same powerful technology to the consumer market as they have seen great potential in the sports and health industry in having this much more useful heart rate monitoring technology.

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