Monday, February 18, 2013

Trek #1! Specialized #2! Bicycling Magazine Poll

Serious Riders Pick Trek and Specialized as TOP Choices in Bicycling Mag Poll of 5000 Riders.

Results from Bicycling Magazine Poll of It Readers

There is a reason why Trek and Specialized dominate the sales of enthusiast and professional level bikes.  The enthusiasts and professional prefer them.  Year after year these two fierce competitors put together bikes that combine magnificent grace and style with engineering that staggers the mind and improves the ride. 

The Spoke has long made the case that a complete bike shop needs both of these brands in depth.  Some argue that Specialized has the edge in Mountain and Trek in Road.  Others might not agree.  But each manages to bring their own unique flavor to the market and to the roads, tracks, and trails of the world.

If you are among the group of riders who are considering riding a gran fondo, a century, or just consider yourself a serious rider, we'd love to help you move up to the next level on a 2013 Specialized or Trek ride of your choice. 

If you are just starting out, or still the occasional rider, both companies make fantastic entry level bikes for commuting, riding the trails, or heading out for a few hours of exercise and fun in the sun.

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