Monday, January 28, 2013

The 2013 Trek Domane 4.0. Want a Test Ride? Come to The Spoke Shop

The 2013 Trek Domane 4.0, PACKED with 

Features for the Avid Cyclist

The 2013 Trek Domane 4.0 is absolutely incredible. To start, it's fully carbon and is designed for the racers that want a bike that goes just as fast as any other bike. The Domane but is built for comfort, even over unforgiving cobblestone roads.

In order to fulfill the needs of these racers, Trek has been working around the clock for years. Their engineers have come up with a design called "isospeed." Isospeed means that the seat tube is completely isolated from the rest of the frame to make the seat mast act like extra suspension without compromising the stiffness of the frame.

The bottom bracket is stiff and wide, which aids in acceleration despite the extra backward flex allowed by the seat mast. It's always a hassle when your chain comes off of your crank, but this year Trek has introduced a "chain keeper" to keep your chain in place even when you are at the top of your cadence.

At the end of the day, this bike is as comfortable as a touring bike, yet as fast as a racing bike. There's nothing better that a good two-in-one.

Come check out this amazing machine, and take a test ride at The Spoke Shop.

We are located at 1910 Broadwater Ave. in Billings MT.

You can reach us by phone: (406) 656-8342 or by email:

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